Answers To The Difficult But Reasonable Buffy And Angel Test

Once you read this page, you may never take the test again
1. What kind of demon is Doyle?
	Bracken [correct]

2. Why does The Master look different than other vampires?
	He's a Turok-Han (Ubervamp)
	He was in the Hell Mouth so long
	Being a vampire so long made him look like that [correct]
		explained by Joss Whedon in the commentary of "The Harvest"
		and also happened to an ancient vampire in "Why We Fight"
	He was a demon that was turned into a vampire

3. How does Jonathan like his tea?
	With lots of sugar [correct]
		When Buffy is making tea for him in "Superstar",
		she adds lots of sugar
	With lots of lemon
	With lots of lime

4. How many times has Anya been a human and vengeance demon?
	Human 2, Vengeance demon 2
	Human 2, Vengeance demon 3
	Human 3, Vengeance demon 2 [correct]
	Human 3, Vengeance demon 3

5. What kind of pet has Willow never had?
	Dog [correct]

6. What's Buffy's middle name?
	Anne [correct] (From "Anne")
	She doesn't have one

7. What is the source of the slayer's power?
	A vampire
	A demon [correct] (From "Get It Done")
	All the previous slayers

8. Which of the following is true?
	Willow was in every episode of Buffy [correct]
	Xander was in every episode of Buffy
		Not in "Conversations With Dead People"
	Giles was in every episode of Buffy
		Not is many episodes, not even in the opening credits in season 6
	Cordelia was in every episode of Angel before season 5
		On vacation with Groo for the three episodes after "Couplet"

9. What did Gunn trade his soul for when he was 17?
	The skills to kill vampires
	His sister's life
	Fred's life
	A truck [correct] (From "Double Or Nothing")

10. What is the correct order of appearance of these characters on Buffy?
	Cordelia, Angel, Faith, Anya [correct]
	Angel, Cordelia, Faith, Anya
	Cordelia, Angel, Anya, Faith
	Angel, Cordelia, Anya, Faith

11. With of the following is true?
	A vampire can enter a home they were invited into before becoming a vampire
		False. Angel needed an invite into his own home after becoming a vampire for instance.
	A vampire cannot be invited into a home while the resident is outside of the house
		False. Cordelia once invited Angel into her home while away from it.
	A vampire needs an invite to enter the home of a demon
		False. Stated many times in Angel.
	Season six is my favorite season of Buffy [correct]
		True. You can figure it out by eliminating all the other possible answers.

12. In what Buffy season was an apocalypse not avoided in the final episode?
	4 [correct] (Apocalypse was avoided in the 2nd to last episode)

13. Who did Spike tell Glory was the key?
	Pat Sajak
	Bob Barker [correct]
	Alex Trebek
	Chuck Woolery

14. Who never had a birthday in an episode?
	Willow [correct]

15. Who never appeared as a vampire?
	Buffy (Appeared as a vampire in "Nightmares")
	Cordelia [correct]
	Xander (Appeared as a vampire in "The Wish")
	Willow (Appeared as a vampire in "The Wish")

16. How old was Angel when he became a vampire?
	26 [correct]

17. What was Angel's human name?
	Liam [correct] (From "Spin the Bottle")

18. How many total episodes of Buffy and Angel are there?
	254 [correct]
		Buffy season 1 had 12
		Buffy seasons 2 - 7 had 22
		Angel seasons 1 - 5 had 22

19. What is the name of the hotel Angel Investigations moved into in season 2?
	The Heliconia
	The Hortensia
	The Hyperion [correct]
	The Hyatt

20. What fraction of the people Buffy had sex with are vampires?
	1/2 [correct] (Parker and Riley are human, and Angel and Spire are vampires)

21. What job has Buffy not had?
	Pizza Place [correct]
	School Counselor

22. Which of the following has never happened in Buffy or Angel?
	A vampire (without the Ring of Amara) survive having a wooden stake driven through their heart
		Dracula did in "Buffy vs. Dracula"
	A vampire enter a human's home uninvited
		Angel entered Kate Lockley's apartment uninvited in "Epiphany"
	A vampire (in this world) have a reflection [correct]
	A vampire turn back into a human
		Happened to Angel in "I Will Remember You"

23. How many total slayers have been killed by Spike, Angel, Drusilla, and Darla?
	3 [correct] (Spike 2, Drusilla 1 (Kendra))

24. Who of the following was in both the first and last Angel episode?
	Lensy [correct]

25. Which of the following statements is not true?
	Spike likes to watch television
	Angel likes ice hokey
	Harmony likes unicorns
	Amy likes broth [correct] (Implied in "Witch")